2021 Events

DiG FASD Study Enrolling Adults and Children with Prenatal Alcohol Exposure 
DiGFASD - (ongoing)

Youth Engagement Opportunity
CAPE Youth - (ongoing) 

Alcohol Industry Sustainability Commitments - Sustainability Series
1/12/22 - Institute of Alcohol Studies

Marijuana Biology: Does Potency Matter?
1/6/22 - IASIC

Webinar: Alcohol Outlet Density, Equity and Lower Income Neighborhoods
12/17/21 - Institute for public strategies

V4P Webinar: High in Plain Sight
12/7/21 - Voices for Prevention

The Evolution of Pain Medicine: The Pain of Trauma, the Trauma of Pain
12/7/21 - Psychiatry and Behavioral Learning Network

Selfcare = Selflove for Addiction Professionals 
Dr. Zenobia Bass - 11/12/21 

High-Risk Alcoholic Beverages and the Exploitation of Communities of Color 
U.S. Alcohol Policy Alliance - 11/10/21

8 Magic Keys Revisited: Successful Interventions for students with FASD 
FASD Collaborative Project - 10/29/21

Building Statewide Alliances to Reduce Alcohol Related Harms 
U.S. Alcohol Policy Alliance - 10/25/21

How Do You Spell A.D.V.O.C.A.C.Y. 
V4P - 10/25/21

FASD: Thriving in the Classroom 
FASD Collaborative - 10/15/21

ROADS TO RESILIENCE: Identifying FASD in Court-Involved Youth 
Children’s Advocacy Institute - 10/14/21

Our Most Challenging Clients: Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders in Child Welfare 
CEBC - 10/13/21

Virtual Red Ribbon Rally
DEA - 10/5/21

Maternal and Child Health and Substance Exposed Infant Virtual Conference 
PTTC - 9/27/21

NOFAS Hosts Twitter Chat for FASD Month 
NOFAS - 9/21/21 

Pain and the Brain: Addiction and Alternatives to Treating Chronic Pain
Addition Prevention Coalition - 8/31/21

MILE Instructor Training
MSACD - 8/19-20/21

Parents Can’t Stop What They Don’t Know: Teen Alcohol Abuse Prevention
Operation Parent - 8/10/21

Rebroadcast: Helping Families Navigate the System of Addiction and Understand Treatment Options
Operation Parent - 8/4/21

Innovations in Treating Stress & Trauma in Women with Alcohol Use Disorder
NIH - 7/28/21 

History and Basic Characteristics of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
The University of Western Australia - 7/26/21 

Fighting Alcoholism in America: Improving Treatment and Preventing High Risk Behavior
Public Policy Exchange - 7/21/21

Disability and Health Data System (DHDS): Using Data to Take Action Webinar 
AUCD - 7/19/21 

Teens and Opioids- What Parents Need to Know
Operation Parent - 7/7/21

Dr. Larry Burd Hosts Free FASD Webinar Series 
NOFAS - 6/28/21 

Online Course on History and Basic Characteristics of FASD
The University of Western Australia - 6/24/21

FREE Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Training
CDC - 6/21/21

FASD Camp August 2021
CAMP - 08/15/21-08/20/21

World No Tobacco Day 
WHO - 5/31/21 

Advocating for Individuals Families Living with FASD
Arkansas None for Nine - 5/14/21

National Women’s Health Week 
CDC - 5/9/21-5/15/21

FASD Support Series 
NOFAS - 5/7/21

Children’s Mental Health Week 
Dekalb Community Service Board - 5/3/21

Dover Youth2Youth Advocacy Training (virtual)  
Voice For Prevention - 4/28/21 

Learning Effective Prevention Engagement in African American Communities & Sharing Successes 
PTTC - 4/21/21 

NOFAS Partners on Alcohol Awareness Month Twitter Chat 
NOFAS - 4/7/21

Prescription Opioid Abuse Among the Teen Population (Rebroadcast)
Operation Parent - 4/1/21

Screening of Resilience: The Biology of Stress and the Science of Hope Screening of Resilience: The Biology of Stress and the Science of Hope
CAN - 3/25/21 

Understanding the Significance of the Fourth Trimester (Postpartum) Care to prevent Black Maternal Mortality 

2021 HHS Office of Disability Prevention for Children Statewide Virtual Conference
HHS - 3/9/21, 3/16/21, 3/23/21, 3/30/21

Lay of the Land Survey #2: What Really Matters - Life as We Live It of 450 Adults with FASD Webinar
FASD Changemakers - 3/18/21

NOFAS Partners with March of Dimes for Important Twitter Chat
NOFAS - 3/3/21

FASD Through the Lifespan: Behaviors & Strategies, Featuring NOFAS VP Kathy Mitchell
Drexel University-3/3/2

Helping Families Navigate the System of Addiction
Operation Parent- 2/23/21

An Introduction to Using Mindfulness for Trauma and Substance Use Disorders
The Georgia School of Addiction Studies - 2/18/21

Virtual Vape Series
Georgia Prevention Project - 2/11/21-3/25/21

FASD Support Series
Orchids FASD Services - 2/5/21

Overdose Response Resource Walkthrough Webinar

National Birth Defects Month Twitter Chat

Updated Guidance from the American Academy of Pediatrics on the Treatment of Infants with Neonatal Opioid Withdrawal Syndrome
American Medical Association-1/26/21 

Webinar: Tips You Can Use to Connect with Legislators during the Pandemic
Voice for Prevention-1/26/21 

Helping Your Teen Overcome Anxiety and Depression
OperationParent - 1/26/21

Mental Health Day at the Capitol (Virtual) 
MHSC - 1/19/21

Recovering Mothers Anonymous Virtual Meeting
Recovering Mothers Anonymous - 1/14/20

FASD Parent Support Group Virtual Meeting
Double ARC - 1/12/21