2022 Events

The Caregiver Kick Start! FASD Workshop
FASD Success - 11/6/22

Healthy Bodies, Healthy Relationships
Proof Alliance - 10/15/22

Webinar: Effects of Technology on Brain Development
Operation Parent - 9/29/22

The Ultimate Baby Shower
Center for Black Women's Wellness - 9/22/22

2022 Teen Summit: Hope Changes
Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities - 9/17/22

Substance Use and Mental Health Disorders: Supporting Kinship Families
The National Center on Substance Abuse and Child Welfare - 9/14/22

Effects of Alcohol and Drug Exposure During Pregnancy 
FASD Collaborative Project - 8/10/22

Webinar: What Every Parent Needs to Know About Emotional Trauma
Operation Parent - 8/2/22

Youth Advocacy Summit
Voices For Prevention - 7/30/22

Youth Advocacy Summit
V4P - 7/30/22

A Functional Approach to an FASD Diagnosis
ASD Collaborative Project - 7/27/22

Know Your Rights/Share Your Story: Workplace Accommodations for Pregnant and Nursing Moms
HMHB - 7/26/22

Risky Teen Behavior Webinar
7/26/22 - Operation Parent

Highly Purified Cannabidiol for Treatment-Resistant Epilepsy: Experiences from a Large Open-Label Study and its Translation to Clinical Practice
7/26/22 - IASIC

Prevention Meets Harm Reduction: How Community Collaborations Work Across the Continuum Part Two 
6/30/22 - PTTC

Prevention Meets Harm Reduction: How Community Collaborations Work Across the Continuum Part One 
6/28/22 - PTTC

The Gut-Brain Addiction Connection: The Role of Digestion and our Microbiome in Mental Health and Addiction
6/23/22 - Psychiatry and Behavioral Health Learning Network

Essential FASD Supports 
6/22/22 - FASD Collaborative

Illicitly Manufactured Fentanyl in the U.S.: Trends and Truths 
5/25/22 - BJA

Lessons Learned from Marijuana Legalization Webinar 
5/24/22 - IASIC

Media as a Risk Factor
5/5/22 - Prevention Training Services

Brain First Parenting and Executive Functioning in Individuals with FASD 
5/4/22 - FASD Collaborative Project

Free Suicide Prevention Workshop 
5/4/22 - V4P

6th Annual Inspiring Mothers Celebration 
4/30/22 - Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies

The Natural Progression of Vaping to Marijuana & Alcohol to Opiate Abuse: A Recipe for Disaster
4/26/22 - ISIAC

Empowerment: The role of genetic counselors in FASD
4/20/22 - FASD Collaborative Project

Diagnosis, Support, and Empowerment: The Role of Genetic Counselors in FASD
4/20/22 - FASD Collaborative

The Standard of Care for Recommending or Prescribing Medical Marijuana (cannabis)
4/19/22 - IASIC

Managing Mental Health & Substance Use: Pregnancy & Postpartum
4/14/22 - HMHB & MSACD

FASD Interventions: What Does the Research Say?
4/12/22 - FASD Collaborative Project

Understanding Childhood Trauma and How to Help Children/Teens Recover 
3/29/22 - Operation Parent

Self-Medication Nation Webinar
3/24/22 - HMP Global

Self-Medication Nation 
3/24/22 - Addiction Professionals 

Reducing Stigma Around Alcohol Use Disorder in Minority Communities
3/21/22 - NIAAA

Special Community Action Forum: Intentional Strategies to Improve Perinatal Health Outcomes
3/9/22 - Healthier Generations

Webinar: Evidence-Based Strategies for Preventing Opioid Overdose 
3/7/22 - Addiction Policy Forum

Georgia Council on Substance Abuse Town Hall - Recorded Webinar
2/25/22 - GCSA

Substance Abuse Prevention Advocacy Day
2/24/22 - Voices For Prevention

I AM Teen Summit Life Monopoly 
2/19/22 - Change4Hope

Substance Abuse Prevention Day at the Capitol: “What to Expect” Webinar
2/18/22 - V4P

Substance Use Disorder in Youth Webinar
2/9/22 - Psychiatry Grand Rounds

Speaker Series: Developing a Mission for your Family and a Vision for Your Children 
2/2/212 - Decatur Parent Network

Sex, Drugs and Netflix - Parenting Strategies: How to Talk about Drug Use in Popular Media
1/25/22 - Operation Parent