NOFAS Affiliates Gather in Washington, DC

20 Jun 2016


NOFAS Affiliates Gather in Washington, DC

Representatives from members of the NOFAS Affiliate Network from across the country are gathering this week in Washington, DC for the tenth annual NOFAS affiliate summit from June 20-22, 2016.  Affiliates are convening to discuss a range of issues affecting the FASD community.  Affiliates will be joined by a representative from the CDC.

The affiliates will discuss a range of topics including: working with the media, issues around diagnostic coding and DSM criteria, and raising awareness through social media.  Part of the summit will focus on legislative and policy advocacy and how to be an effective advocate for the FASD community.  Affiliates will also discuss NOFAS programs including the Circle of Hope and the anti-stigma campaign.

This year, a young adult network coordinated by charter affiliate member MOFAS will participate in the summit.  This is a network for young adults and their families living with FASD who are having a National Youth and Young Adult Leaders Kick-Off Meeting in conjunction with the affiliate summit.

The NOFAS Affiliate Network was established in 2002 to open lines of communication among FASD colleagues and organizations, share resources, unify core values, priorities, and messages, and increase advocacy for FASD recognition and investment. It is the largest and longest standing international coalition of FASD organizations.  The goal of the Network is to unite organizations in an international coalition for the purpose of preventing FASD and meeting the needs of people living with the disorders, while each member organization maintains its identity and autonomy.