MSACD is dedicated to the prevention of prenatal exposure and the negative consequences of maternal substance use and/or abuse. We provide a range of educational and training services to agencies, communities and families all across the state of Georgia.


We offer presentations and trainings to address the issue of maternal substance use and the effects of prenatal exposure. We hope to better prepare professionals and the public to address maternal substance use and to recognize the impact it has across families in the state of Georgia. These are offered to:

  • Individuals, Parents, Families, and Foster/Adoption Groups
  • Local, State, and Regional Organizations
  • Medical and Behavioral Health Providers (Nurses, OBGYNs, Pharmacists, Midwives, Doulas, Lactation Consultants, Psychiatrists)
  • Community Organizations and Agencies
  • Legal Organizations

Examples of Past Presentation/Training Topics:

  • Screening for Alcohol and Substance Use in Pregnancy
  • Talking to Women about Substance Use
  • MotherToBaby Georgia: How it Works & Why it is a Useful Resource
  • Prenatal Exposures and Neurodevelopmental Outcomes
  • Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome and Maternal Substance Use
  • Interventions for Children with FASD

Contact information:

Center for Maternal Substance Abuse and Child Development
12 Executive Park Drive NE 2nd floor
Atlanta, GA 30329