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Maternal Alcohol Intake in Early Pregnancy and Biomarkers of Fecundity in Adult Sons: A Cohort Study
ScienceDirect - 5/24/23
Male fecundity may be largely determined through fetal programming and therefore potentially be sensitive to exposure to maternal alcohol intake during pregnancy.

Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome: What You Need to Know
USU Digital Commons - 5/19/23
National overdose deaths continue to rise, with 2021 marking the first time U.S. overdose deaths topped 100,000 in a 12-month timeframe. 

Towards a Distinct Sleep and Behavioural Profile of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
IMR Press - 5/16/23
The term Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders describes a range of neurodevelopmental conditions, the direct result of prenatal alcohol exposure.

Postnatal Ethanol Exposure Impairs Social Behavior and Operant Extinction in the Adult Female Mouse Offspring
Frontiers - 5/16/23
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder comprises a group of neurodevelopmental deficits caused by alcohol exposure during pregnancy.

Effectiveness of Interventions for School-Aged-Children and Adolescents with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
Taylor & Francis - 5/9/23
To describe allied health and educational interventions and their effectiveness for children and adolescents with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD). To appraise the quality and strength of studies.

Understanding How Alcohol Policies Impact Public Health
NIAAA - 5/5/23
Supporting research to inform the development and implementation of alcohol policies and to evaluate their effectiveness has been an important priority of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism for many years.

Medication for Opioid Use Disorder During Pregnancy
CDC - 5/5/23
Medication for opioid use disorder is recommended for persons with opioid use disorder during pregnancy. However, knowledge gaps exist about best practices for management of OUD during pregnancy and these data are needed to guide clinical care.

HHS Launches New Website to Help People Find Support for Issues with Mental Health, Drugs or Alcohol
SAMHSA - 5/4/23
As part of continuing efforts by the Biden-Harris Administration to increase access to mental health and substance use resources, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services today launched, a new user-friendly website, designed for the general public, to help people identify available resources, explore unbiased information about various treatment options, and learn how to reach out to get the support they need for issues related to mental health, drugs, or alcohol.

Lived Experiences of the Diagnostic Assessment Process for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: A Systematic Review of Qualitative Evidence
Wiley Online Library - 5/2/23
Early assessment for and diagnosis of FASD are crucial in providing therapeutic interventions that aim to enhance meaningful participation and quality of life for individuals and their families, while reducing psychosocial difficulties that may arise during adolescence and adulthood.

“Eat, Sleep, Console” Reduces Hospital Stay and Need for Medication Among Opioid-Exposed Infants
NIH - 5/1/23
Researchers have found the “Eat, Sleep, Console” care approach to be more effective than using the Finnegan Neonatal Abstinence Scoring Tool to assess and manage opioid-exposed newborns, according to a national, randomized controlled clinical trial funded by the National Institutes of Health.

Disrupted Dynamic Functional Network Connectivity in Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
NIH - 4/30/23
Prenatal alcohol exposure can result in harmful and long-lasting neurodevelopmental changes.

Latent Classes of Neurodevelopmental Profiles and Needs in Children and Adolescents with Prenatal Alcohol Exposure
NIH - 4/30/23
Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder resulting from prenatal alcohol exposure is a common neurodevelopmental disorder, but substantial interindividual heterogeneity complicates timely and accurate assessment, diagnosis, and intervention.

Birth Defects Associated with Prenatal Alcohol Exposure - A Review
MDPI - 4/29/23
Since the recognition of fetal alcohol syndrome, alcohol has been accepted as a human teratogen. However, little is known about the relation between prenatal alcohol exposure and the spectrum of associated major birth defects.

Children with FASD—Evolving Patterns of Developmental Problems and Intervention Costs in Ages 0 through 16 in Finland
MDPI - 4/27/23
This is a retrospective chart review of 55 persons (mean age 11 years, range 2–28 years) diagnosed with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder in one Finnish central hospital.

Association of Mental Health Conditions, Recent Stressful Life Events, and Adverse Childhood Experiences with Postpartum Substance Use
CDC - 4/21/23
Most pregnancy-related deaths due to mental health conditions, including substance use disorder–related overdose and poisoning, occur during the late (43–365-day) postpartum period.

Reducing Prenatal Alcohol Exposure and the Incidence of FASD: Is the Past Prologue?
Alcohol Research - 4/20/23
This narrative review summarizes and synthesizes the clinical trials and randomized clinical trials that evaluated selected and targeted approaches to reducing preconception and prenatal alcohol exposure and alcohol-exposed pregnancy since 2011.

Promotion of Early Childhood Development and Mental Health in Quality Rating and Improvement Systems for Early Care and Education: A Review of State Quality Indicators
Science Direct - 4/18/23
In the United States, quality rating and improvement systems are used by many states to incentivize quality in ECE and may be a viable lever for promoting early childhood development and mental health on a population level. 

Neural and Behavioral Indicators of Cognitive Control in Preschoolers With and Without Prenatal Opioid Exposure
Taylor and Francis Online - 4/18/23
Prenatal opioid exposure is one consequence of the opioid epidemic, but effects on child development remain poorly understood. 

Roles of Maternal Substance Use, Posttraumatic Stress and Parenting Practices in Predicting Child Conduct Problems
Springer Link - 4/14/23
Posttraumatic stress disorder is a common problem among women with substance use concerns.

Polysubstance Use During Pregnancy: The Importance of Screening, Patient Education and Integrating a Harm Reduction Perspective
ScienceDirect - 4/14/23
Substance use during pregnancy is associated with poor health outcomes. This study assessed substance use, polysubstance use, and use of select prescription medications during pregnancy.

Screening and Brief Interventions for Alcohol Use During Pregnancy: Practices Among US Primary Care Clinicians
CDC - 4/13/23
Alcohol use during pregnancy can cause birth defects and developmental disabilities. From 2018 through 2020, 13.5% of pregnant women reported current drinking.

Vascular Contributions to the Neurobiological Effects of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure
NIH - 4/12/23
Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) are often characterized as a cluster of brain-based disabilities.

Prenatal alcohol exposure and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder independently predict greater substance use in young adulthood
NIH - 4/11/23
The degree to which prenatal alcohol exposure (PAE) may influence alcohol and drug use in adulthood is difficult to determine, given that PAE is highly correlated with environmental factors, including low socioeconomic status and exposure to parental drinking, and with behavioral problems, such as, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), that are correlated with alcohol use and abuse.

Preconception Paternal Ethanol Exposures Induce Alcohol-Related Craniofacial Growth Deficiencies in Fetal Offspring
JCI - 4/11/23
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is characterized by a range of structural birth defects, including facial dysmorphia, central nervous system growth deficits and prenatal/postnatal growth restriction, which correlate with the magnitude of prenatal alcohol exposure.

A 12-Month Follow-Up of Infant Neurodevelopmental Outcomes of Prenatal Opioid Exposure and Polysubstance Use
Science Direct - 4/11/23
Prenatal opioid exposure has been associated with developmental deficits during infancy, but the literature is limited by simple group comparisons and lack of appropriate controls. 

Women and Alcohol: Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment
Women's Healthcare - 4/6/23
Alcohol use in the general adult population has significantly increased in recent years, and adult women are at higher risk for adverse health effects associated with alcohol consumption.

State-Based Policies on Alcohol Use During Pregnancy
Women's Health - 4/6/23
Alcohol use is common in the United States. In 2020, 54.2% of adults age 18 and older reported drinking in the last month.

Prenatal Ethanol Exposure Leads to Persistent Anxiety-Like Behavior During Adulthood Indicated by Reduced Horizontal and Vertical Exploratory Behaviors
Frontiers - 4/6/23
Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders caused by prenatal ethanol exposure consist of many cognitive/behavioral deficits.

Rethinking Drinking: Alcohol and Your Health
NIAAA - 4/5/23
Many of us do, often when socializing with friends and family. For anyone who drinks, this site offers valuable, research-based information. Letʼs take a look at your drinking patterns and how they may affect your health.

Alcohol Use During Pregnancy and FASDs
CDC - 3/31/23
Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders are a group of conditions that can occur in a person who was exposed to alcohol before birth.

Maternal Health Equity in Georgia: a Delphi Consensus Approach to Definition and Research Priorities
Springer Link - 3/30/23
Pregnancy-related mortality in the United States is the greatest among all high-income countries, and Georgia has one of the highest maternal mortality rates—almost twice the national rate.

Alcohol Screening During COVID-19 Surges in an Urban Health System the United States
Science Direct - 3/30/23
In 2021, over 50% of U.S. adults drank alcohol in the past month with over 25% reporting binge drinking, an increase over previous years.

Assessing Maternal Alcohol Consumption in Pregnancy: Comparison of Confidential Postnatal Maternal Interview and Measurement of Alcohol Biomarkers in Meconium
BMJ Journals - 3/30/23
Knowledge of alcohol consumption in pregnancy is important for early identification of children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder.

US Maternal Mortality Continues to Worsen
JAMA Network - 3/29/23
The US maternal mortality rate continued to increase in 2021, according to a new report from the National Center for Health Statistics.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: Recognition and Management
American Academy of Pediatrics - 3/29/23
This is an online course on fetal alcohol syndrome disorders and how to recognize and manage. 

Parenting Stress and FASD: A Scoping Review
NIH - 3/28/23
Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder is a complex neurodevelopmental disorder that may arise following prenatal exposure to alcohol. 

Enhanced Recovery After Cesarean Delivery Meta-Analysis Outcomes by Race, Ethnicity, Insurance and Rurality
IJOA - 3/24/23
According to Centre for Disease Control birth data, cesarean delivery is the most common surgery in the United States of America, with an estimated 1.2 million women undergoing a cesarean delivery annually.

Role of Men in FASD
The Prevention Conversation - 3/20/23
When it comes to FASD prevention, awareness and management, men play a vital role.

Trailer: 8 Keys for Adults with FASD
Alaska Center for FASD - 3/15/23

Multifaceted Case Management During Pregnancy is Associated with Better Child Outcomes and Less Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Annals of Medicine - 3/15/23
Pregnant women participated in multifaceted case management to prevent Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders.

Addressing Opioid Use Disorder to Improve Maternal and Infant Health
CDC - 3/15/23
As part of CDC’s efforts to prevent overdoses and substance use-related harms, the Division of Reproductive Health (DRH) is working to prevent, identify, and improve access to treatment of opioid use disorder (OUD) among pregnant and postpartum women and women of reproductive age.

Alcohol & the Adolescent Brain
Alcohol Awareness - 3/13/23
Understanding the Impact alcohol on the brain and how it can affect the still growing adolescent brain.

Alcohol Facts and Statistics
NIH - 3/12/23
Learn up-to-date facts and statistics on alcohol consumption and its impact in the United States and globally. Explore topics related to alcohol misuse and treatment, underage drinking, the effects of alcohol on the human body and more.

Financial Difficulties Among Youth Prenatally Exposed to Substances: a Longitudinal Register-Based Cohort Study
Drugs: Education, Prevention and Policy - 3/11/23
The receipt of long-term financial social assistance as an indicator of financial difficulties among Finnish youth with prenatal substance exposure was investigated in comparison with unexposed youth.

FAQs - Tobacco, Alcohol, Drugs and Pregnancy
ACOG - 3/8/23
The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists provides a list of frequently asked questions relating to pregnancy and tobacco, alcohol and drugs. 

Disrupted Dynamic Functional Network Connectivity in Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
National Library of Medicine - 3/7/23
Prenatal alcohol exposure (PAE) can result in harmful and long-lasting neurodevelopmental changes.

Alcohol-Related Brain Injury
Alcohol Forum Ireland - 3/1/23
Alcohol-Related Brain Injury is a term used to describe a number of brain conditions that result from long-term heavy alcohol use. 

Primary Characteristics of FASD—Difficulty Generalizing Information
The Adoption and Foster Care Journey - 3/6/23
Listen in as Sandra Foster shares how prenatal alcohol exposure affects the individual’s ability to generalize information, how it might present in our kids and offers some helpful strategies for accommodations.

Epidemiology of Alcohol Consumption among Pregnant and Childbearing Age Women and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
Springer - 2/23/23
The use of alcohol during pregnancy adversely impacts the developing fetus and leads to negative health outcomes, including the development of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.

Improved Accuracy of Screening Tools for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder May Lead to Faster Diagnosis
Medical Xpress - 2/20/23
A new screening instrument has the potential to more accurately identify fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD), reducing missed and erroneous diagnoses in affected children and facilitating treatment and support, a new study suggests.

Validation of the FASD-Tree as a Screening Tool for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
Wiley Online Library - 2/20/23
As many as 80% of individuals with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) are misdiagnosed or not diagnosed.

Prenatal Alcohol Exposure Results in Brain Region- and Sex-Specific Changes in circHomer1 Expression in Adult Mouse Brain
National Library of Medicine - 2/17/23
Circular RNAs (circRNAs) are a novel category of covalently-closed non-coding RNAs mainly derived from the back-splicing of exons or introns of protein-coding genes. 

Association Between Prenatal Alcohol Exposure and Children's Facial Shape: a Prospective Population-Based Cohort Study
Oxford Academic - 2/16/23
High levels of prenatal alcohol exposure (PAE) during pregnancy can have significant adverse effects on a child's health development resulting in fetal alcohol spectrum disorder.

Cannabis May Interfere With Pregnancy
Medpate Today - 2/10/23
Adverse outcomes in pregnancy appeared more frequent if the child-to-be was exposed to cannabis in the early stages of pregnancy, retrospective data from a multicenter study suggested.

Alcohol and Your Pregnancy
NIAAA - 2/8/23
This article explains the danger of Prenatal Alcohol Exposures by answering six common questions surrounding alcohol and pregnancy. 

Yes I Can! Positively Glowing
FASD United - 2/8/23
This is a social media challenge from FASD United. The “Yes I Can” campaign provides participants with a free downloadable social media frame to bring more awareness to FASD and asserts the notion that FASD is a diagnosis and not a definition.  

Pregnant People with Substance Use Disorders Need Treatment, Not Criminalization
Stat - 2/8/23
Though it may be hard for many to fathom, even pregnant people and new parents can have active substance use disorders. They need support, not criminalization.

Global Intellectual Ability and Adaptive Functioning in Children with FASD with and without Sentinel Facial Features
Taylor & Francis - 2/6/23
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by cognitive and adaptive impairment.

Comparing Maternal Substance Use and Perinatal Outcomes Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Journal of Perinatology - 2/6/23
Cross-sectional observational study of neonates admitted to the NICU and born to mothers with evidence of substance abuse pre-pandemic compared to during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Evaluating the Difference in Neuropsychological Profiles of Individuals with FASD Based on the Number of Sentinel Facial Features
MDPI - 1/31/23
The UK has made great strides in their FASD research. The article released in late January goes into depth about differences in neuropsychological profiles and FASD. 

Short Takes with NIAAA: What are Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

Supportive Alcohol Policy as a Key Element of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Prevention
Sage Journals - 1/30/23
In Canada, a Four-Part Model of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Prevention has been developed that describes a continuum of multi-sectoral efforts, including broad awareness campaigns, safe and respectful conversations around pregnancy and alcohol use, and holistic and wraparound support services for pregnant and postpartum women with alcohol, and other health and social concerns.

Podcasts Archive
MotherToBaby - 1/26/23
Host Chris Stallman, a mom-of-four, genetic counselor, and MotherToBaby information specialist, answers questions about exposures during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

The Cycle of Alcohol Addiction
National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism - 1/23/23
This brief article describes the cycle of alcohol addiction.

Substance Use Among Persons with Syphilis During Pregnancy — Arizona and Georgia
CDC - 1/20/23
Substance use prevalence has increased among women with syphilis; however, its association with congenital syphilis is less clear.

Alcohol Use, Screening and Brief Intervention Among Pregnant Persons
CDC - 1/20/23
The Centers for Disease Control released a new edition of their Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report concerning alcohol use and screening during pregnancy. 

Rural–Urban Disparities in Adverse Maternal Outcomes in the United States, 2016–2019
AJPH - 1/19/23
Pregnant individuals in rural areas are at higher risk for ICU admission and mortality than are their urban counterparts. Significant increases in maternal mortality occurred in rural and urban areas.

Severe Maternal Morbidity in Georgia, 2009–2020
Medical Care - 1/11/23
The increasing focus of population surveillance and research on maternal—and not only fetal and infant—health outcomes is long overdue.

FASD Online Training and Resources
CDC - 1/9/23
Free, online trainings are available for healthcare providers who care for women at risk for alcohol use during pregnancy and for those who work with individuals living with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. 

Infant of a Substance-Using Mother
Medline Plus - 1/3/23
Maternal substance use may consist of any combination of drug, chemical, alcohol, and tobacco use during the pregnancy.